Ongoing Threat to Our Freedom of Expression? Or the Purposeful Concealment of the Real Truth?

Murdoch. Rinehart. Gordon. Lachlan. Stokes.

Meer Australian human beings with the same capacity to make wrong judgements just like everyone else. However, they are given the possible ability to render and filter the opinionated expression of others through their ownership of media corporations. Marital status, sexuality, pop culture, religion, abortion, politics and feminism are just a few controversial topics surrounding the contents of the media.

Power – the ability or capability to do something or act in a particular way, in the field of markets is able to conjure the significant domination of the mass media industry. In today’s society, everything we sense through hearing, vision and our voices are greatly dependent on the news of the internet. This would include controversial articles, questionable posts and even overdue authorisation of debates.

Take Facebook for instance.

facebook-mark-zuckerbergFounded by Mark Zuckerburg, the company is frequently changing to cater for its users. However, the model of this business is dependent on the shifting notions towards privacy, revelation and sheer- self display. The over-sharing in the age of over-sharing factor is reliant by the company as the more willing people put information online, the more profit is earned from advertisers. If all was revealed and humanity steered away from the privacy settings, Zuckerburg will be announced as one of the richest people on earth, as everyone is inquisite of the truth. (NewYorker, 2010)

This is not the case though. Instead, he decides to keep a low profile of his life and the billions of people he is responsible of. It really does matter who controls the media and how they control it.


Thus, a whole new definition of power is created.


3 thoughts on “Ongoing Threat to Our Freedom of Expression? Or the Purposeful Concealment of the Real Truth?

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  2. Interesting angle! I was looking at this topic for my reflection piece and I hadn’t even considered the Zuckerburg/Facebook point of view. Thanks for your insight and a well written post!

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